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We specialize in Second Language Solutions.

In Nevada, approximately 1/3 of all students are learning English as a Second Language (ESL).  This population of English Language Learners (ELL) is the fastest growing section in our schools.

Do these comments sound familiar?

  • “But, I don’t speak Spanish.”
  • “How am I supposed to teach these kids?”
  • “She’s so quiet.”
  • “He won’t say it in English?”
  • “I’m a content area teacher, now I have to teach English?”
  • “Our text is really hard.”
  • “Maybe you should put them back in beginner class?”
  • “Shouldn’t they learn English first?”

Linda’s workshops, speaking engagements, and tips booklets offer research-based solutions along with personal stories and active participation.  Teachers receive strategies they can implement today!


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